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In this mapping document, we aim to support you with helpful links between the ninth edition chapters and these frameworks:

Additional content in the book may be classed as foundational or additional knowledge to support and supplement the content defined by the DfE, contributing to ITTE providers’ own curricula.

For subject-specific material, we encourage you to access the range of titles in the Learning to Teach series.

A range of additional material is available on the companion website, including a series of short explainer videos to support the main chapters.

  • We firstly present CCF/ECF core areas mapped to the teachers’ standards, with relevant chapter links.
  • Secondly, we present the Teachers’ Standards Part Two mapped to the chapters
  • Finally, we present the chapters of the book mapped to the CCF/ECF/Teachers’ Standards

Individual chapters can be referenced in reading lists as Author(s) (2022) ‘Chapter title’, in S. Capel, M. Leask, S. Younie, E. Hidson and J. Lawrence (eds.) Learning to Teach in the Secondary School: A Companion to School Experience. Abingdon: Routledge, [page ref]. We have provided individual chapter references in Harvard format in the third section for easy signposting for beginning teachers through reference lists or reading lists.

Starting to Teach Resources

This section covers a range of materials that the editors felt continue to be useful for beginning teachers. You may not have access to the earlier editions where these units were originally published, but we have provided them here because of their ongoing value.

Download Challenging Behaviour in the Classroom Download Language in the Classroom and Curriculum Download Managing Yourself and Your Workload Download Towards a Better Understanding of the Needs of Pupils who have Difficulties in Accessing Learning Download Using Research and Evidence to Inform Your Teaching

Guidance for Writing

In order to gain qualified teacher status at the end of your initial teacher education (ITE) you are required to meet both teaching and any other requirements, e.g. written assignments through which you demonstrate your ability to produce academic work worthy of a graduate or postgraduate qualification. These assignments are designed to encourage you to make connections between educational theory and practice. We have provided this ‘Guidance for Writing’ to support you with this important aspect of your ITE.

Download Guidance for Writing
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